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Discover 3spin Learning’s Latest Product Features & Highlights

VR Feature

3spin Learning’s mission is to deliver scalable and effective VR training without the need to code and we’re doing this with our easy-to-use learning platform.

In the rapidly evolving world of Virtual and Augmented reality, we are making a significant impact by providing a no-code learning platform that enables organizations to easily create and distribute VR and AR training courses.

With a focus on scalability and effectiveness, we empower customers like Pfizer, TotalEnergies, Lufthansa, and DEKRA to bring VR learning to thousands of learners, saving time and resources. This article will explore the development of our latest features, clients, and partners, and introduce our talented team.

Feature Highlights

We constantly thrive to make our learning platform the best and continue to enhance it with cutting-edge features. We harness the power of artificial intelligence to elevate our platform's capabilities.

The rise of generative AI simplifies content creation and knowledge discovery, enabling non-technical educators to build courses even faster and participants to learn better:

1. Customized Avatars For That Extra Dose Of Immersive Presence

In our latest update, users can now create and customize their own avatars for multi-user learning sessions. For that, we integrated “Ready Player Me”, a leading provider of VR avatars into our product. It takes less than two minutes to create an avatar and translates into even more personalized VR training sessions that really make a lasting impression.

Going forward, avatars can be personalized using AI-based prompts as well.

VR Feature AvatarCreating your own avatar in just a few moments

2. Synced Multi-User Sessions

With our Multi-User feature, multiple learners can now come together in VR sessions not only to observe others but to truly work and train together. Pfizer, for example, uses this now to train doctors in dealing with stroke patients.

3. Smart Helper Companion

Our Helper Companion along with a customized speech assistant will use AI to generate relevant and contextually appropriate responses. This feature allows the helper to always support learners and makes training configuration much easier for authors.

Coming soon, learners will be able to talk to the virtual AI assistant via OpenAI ChatGPT integration.

helperOur Helper Companion

4. Adding AI Audio Functionality

Our text-to-speech feature allows to convert simple text input to highly engaging AI-generated voice to generate more realistic and interactive responses with users. Authors can use six different narrators in three different languages, ranging from English, German, and French.


5. 360-Degree Images

Coming soon, generative AI will enable content authors to create 360-degree images for their courses by just describing what they want via text input.

360-Grad-Bilder (1)Warehouse integration from Skybox

6. glTF Industry standard for 3D files

Our integration of the glTF industry standard for 3D files allows customers to access thousands of free 3D models, facilitating the creation of comprehensive VR and AR courses. 3spin Learning is now also xAPI compatible, enabling easy integration of a VR & AR Learning unit into an existing Learning Management System and launching it from there.

3spin Learning

VR Software & Hardware From Our Partner PICO XR


Noteworthy Collaborations

Boehringer Ingelheim: VR Lab

With our solution, organizations can be successful in any industry. In the pharmaceutical sector, we have secured partnerships with industry leaders like Boehringer Ingelheim as new customer in the pharmaceutical industry, enabling these companies to enhance their training programs.

Pfizer: New VR Stroke Training

Together with Pfizer, we developed and helped to conduct a Virtual Reality stroke unit training course so that young doctors can practice the proper handling of stroke patients under conditions that are as close to reality as possible, ultimately resulting in significantly shorter door-to-groin times for patients.

Pfizer VR Stroke Training

Additionally, we have signed ten new partners, including prominent eLearning agencies such as LearnChamp and clickandlearn.

At Learnchamp's Digital Learning Summit 2023, we delivered a keynote speech with insights into Virtual Reality Training in eLearning and its most important benefits.

In May 2023, we attended ASU+GSV Summit in San Diego helping us to get valuable insights and access to peers, investors, and strategic partners in a way that would otherwise never have been possible in such a short period of time. Therefore, here's a quick praise and thanks to the teams at Started & ASU+GSV and all the amazing people we met during our journey.

VR SummitOur CEOs Oliver Göck & Thomas Hoger in San Diegp

The Team Behind 3spin Learning

3spin's learning team is a key contributor to our company's success. With the onboarding of ten new team members, the company has expanded to a total of 20 full-time employees.

The transition to a fully remote work environment has enabled them to attract exceptional talent from different parts of Europe. 

At our big summer party at Europapark Rust, we were finally able to get to know each other in person and take a tour of the park.

3spin team

Empowering Organizations with Scalable VR Learning

Our no-code learning platform is revolutionizing VR training by enabling organizations to create scalable and effective training courses without the need for coding expertise. Through strategic partnerships, client collaborations, and continuous innovation, 3spin Learning is at the forefront of the VR learning industry.

With a focus on empowering organizations and enhancing learner experiences, they are driving the adoption of VR and AR technologies to revolutionize training across industries.

VR & AR Use Cases

VR & AR Driving Growth

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