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Pfizer and 3spin Learning Win eLearning AWARD 2024 in the Category VR

eLearning Award Virtual Reality

Mastering stroke emergencies in the VR simulator: 3spin Learning and Pfizer win another award for their award-winning VR stroke training.

Darmstadt, January 2024

Leading pharmaceutical company Pfizer and VR authoring platform 3spin Learning have won the prestigious eLearning AWARD 2024 in the "Virtual Reality" category. The award went to the joint project to develop an innovative VR simulation training course that prepares medical professionals for stroke emergencies and optimizes life-saving procedures. This training enables learners to practice real-life situations under test conditions and develop their skills.

"This award recognizes our joint efforts to improve patient care and train healthcare professionals in the best possible way. Our VR simulation offers the opportunity to perfect procedures within the medical team under quasi-real conditions," says Servet Yilmaz from Pfizer.

The training was developed in collaboration with 3spin Learning and is designed to simulate stroke scenarios in a VR environment. Learners can take on different roles and change perspectives to better understand the patient's needs.

"Thanks to our VR platform, medical professionals can be trained anywhere and at any time. The simulation offers a realistic experience and promotes teamwork," says project manager Annica Stähly from 3spin Learning.

The VR simulation is user-friendly and can be used with VR glasses as well as on a PC without VR glasses. The training has already been positively evaluated by medical professionals and is used internationally.

The award recognizes the commitment of both companies to develop an innovative and individual training course for medical professionals that can be carried out in clinics regardless of space and resources for practical exercises. The collaboration between Pfizer and 3spin Learning was recognized as groundbreaking for other VR projects in the healthcare sector.

About Pfizer

Pfizer is a leading global research-based pharmaceutical company dedicated to improving patient care. Click here to read more about Pfizer's case study.

Press Contact:

Anja Knorr | Senior Marketing Manager | anja.knorr@3spin.com

For further information or interview requests, please do not hesitate to contact us. Visit our website at 3spin-learning.com for more insights into our AR/VR learning solutions.

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