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Generative AI Meets VR: Our Enhanced Helper Companion

Helper Companion

AI support makes our Helper Companion even smarter. Learn how the integration of ChatGPT and AI audio functionality creates personalized and immersive learning experiences.

The progressive development of generative Artificial Intelligence not only makes it easier to research and prepare information, but also enables technically inexperienced users to use software applications.

In this blog article, we take a look at how our smart Helper Companion and AI audio features are shaping the future of learning.

A New Era of Generative AI for Everyone

Among the most exciting updates in our new release is the linking of AI with Virtual Reality in our Helper Companion. With just one click on the new microphone button, you can ask the Helper Companion questions, which it answers with the help of ChatGPT.

Our little helper is more than just a simple chatbot:

As a customized voice assistant, it uses AI to generate relevant and contextually appropriate answers during a training session.

In the animation, you can see our helper, a guide that accompanies learners and can already be added to any course in 3spin Learning.

OpenAI's ChatGPT Integration

That's done by integrating OpenAI's ChatGPT into the AI virtual assistant.

This allows learners to interact with the assistant in a natural way and ask their questions just as if they were talking to a human trainer.

Key AI Enhancements for VR / AR and Spatial Learning

This update can be summarized as the following significant improvements:

  • Natural voices and multilingualism: For the helper, we offer AI-generated voices as a cloud service. Authors can provide the helper with text modules. They are generated as audio in English, German and French. This feature is already used by our customers.
  • Automated dialogs and guidance: A fantastic innovation we are working on also revolves around our "helper". In addition to natural language, we will enable automated dialog using ChatGPT. Authors can create prompts that will serve as briefings to the helper. This allows it to take on specific roles and pass on specific knowledge about the learning content.


AI Audio Features

Thanks to the AI audio functionality, authors can convert simple text into a highly responsive AI-generated voice. As a result, reactions and interactions with users become more realistic and interactive. Authors can choose from a variety of voice actors in different languages, including English, German, and French.

This feature not only makes learning more effective and understandable for participants, but also makes the author's job of configuring training much easier.

The key here is to impart knowledge in real-time and to respond to the specific needs of learners. If a learner asks a question or reports a problem, the helper can immediately provide relevant information and solutions based on the learner's current progress and individual challenges.

This results in a personalized and lively learning experience that significantly increases the effectiveness of the training.

Helper Companion

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