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Major Update of Learning Records and Statistics in Release 2023.3

VR Learning Records and Statisctics

Our latest version, release 2023.3, brings advanced statistics functionality to our WMS. Here we present the outstanding features.

With this 2023.3 release, we are introducing a variety of new features that make our 3spin Learning Software even more powerful and flexible.

Use these new features to optimize your VR training and track the progress of your learners. Let's shape the future of learning together.

Learning Records: More Flexibility in Tracking

With this new release, we have drastically extended the variety of Learning Records that can be tracked. Whereas previously you could only track whether a course was delivered, you can now track a wide range of other parameters.

For example, authors can now set custom learning objectives to track specific interactions or events in the training.

Major Benefits

This gives authors new tracking options and allows them to evaluate learner results as well as receive feedback on the training in order to adapt it to their target group in the best possible way.

Determine which learning content you want to evaluate and easily adjust it at any time if necessary. After the LMS connection, you can evaluate the Learning Records either in your LMS or in our new statistics area directly in the WMS.

Here's How

Want to get an overview of how many different items your learners found in the training?

No problem. Simply set your own IDs to track these interactions, and the results will show up in Learning Records.

Basic Stats3spin Learning Interface

Data Insights and Export Possibilities

But that's not all. Our Learning Records have been enhanced with additional tracking features:

  • Authors can now not only track the completion of a unit, but also assign Results and Scores, thus valuing learners according to their performance. These scores can be set either as fixed numbers or as dynamic variables.
  • This means that authors can now track not only the completion of a unit, but also assign results and scores, thus valuing learners according to their performance.


New Possibilities

These configuration options in the WMS provide organizations with a whole new way to track their training results, export statistics, and adjust or optimize their training based on user feedback.

Statistics: Looking at Progress

These statistics offer authors and team members a comprehensive insight into the learning records. To evaluate the Learning Records you can

a.) view them in your own LMS or
b.) in the new statistics area in the WMS.

You can also see how many courses, units, and assets have been created, how many users are training on the instance, and much more. These statistics help you better track the progress and activities of your team.

In addition, authors get insights into the most commonly used asset types and their usage on the instance. This information is invaluable for evaluating the efficiency and progress of your team.

Basic Statistics
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