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New Template Category for Optimized VR Training

VR Features - New Templates

We focus on continuous improvement and efficiency in training development. That's why we are delighted about our expanded template category.

We have developed our latest category of templates to optimize the process of configuring your training courses. These templates provide a user-friendly starting point and allow for easy customization.

These new templates are ready-made VR training programs for various use cases. These can be used and customized by learning authors. As a result, they not only provide a user-friendly starting point for creating VR training courses, but also go one step further by making it easier to customize them to your individual needs.

We understand that developing training can often be a complex and time-consuming task. With our new templates, we want to simplify this process and help you configure your training courses faster and more efficiently.

→ Incidentally, in addition to this extension, we have also enabled customized 3D characters with AI function in our latest release 2024.1.

The Benefits

But why is this new template so special and why should you be excited about it?

User Friendliness

Our templates have been designed for simple and intuitive navigation. They offer a clear structure and user interface so that authors can focus on the content of your training course instead of having to deal with complex technical details.

Increased Efficiency

By using our templates, learning authors can significantly speed up the development process of their VR and AR courses. Instead of creating each training course from scratch, they can now use proven templates and customize them to their specific requirements. This not only saves time, but also ensures efficient resource allocation.

Customization Options

Although our templates already provide a solid foundation, they are also flexible enough to be customised to your organisation's unique requirements. You can add, remove or change content to ensure your training courses meet your specific requirements.

Promoting Innovation

By introducing this template category, we want to encourage innovation in the field of training development. We aim to provide authors with tools to realize their ideas quickly and effectively.

How it Works

On the desktop app or in the browser, learning authors have easy access to the templates in the unit area on the top tab.

VR Training Template3spin Learning User Interface

Create a new unit from the "Template Demo" template in your library. The entire content and assets can then be used within your team. To do this, add the desired file name to your unit.

VR Training Template3spin Learning User Interface

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Innovation is the key to success, especially in an ever-changing and increasingly digitalised world. We are proud to play our part in the field of education and training and look forward to supporting companies in this endeavour.

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