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The Future of Online Learning: Our New Webapp

With a focus on continuous improvement, we have taken our learning platform to a new level: since the brand new release 2023.3, you can access your courses directly in your web browser, in addition to the desktop app and AR or VR glasses.

In the digital learning age, the quality of the platforms on which we build our knowledge is crucial.

Webapps promise a breakthrough change in the way we learn online. Let's take a closer look at the latest adaptation of our tool.

Webapp Benefits

Thanks to our 3spin Learning Webapp, learners can access course content without having to install an app first. This means that users only need to open their web browser to enter the fascinating world of learning.

But that's not all: learners can conduct 360-degree training as well as VR courses in the browser.

What are the advantages?

  • Straightforward learning experience: users can immediately access the learning content.
  • 360-degree and VR support: Users can immerse themselves in immersive training environments and learn interactively in virtual worlds. 3D models in GLB format are supported by the new Webapp.
  • Enhanced learning content: GLB format support allows course developers to integrate realistic 3D models, simulations, and virtual scenarios into their learning materials. This enables a deeper and more practical understanding of course content.
  • Accessibility and flexibility: Our Web Management System can be used from anywhere. Learners can access VR and AR courses from anywhere via popular browsers such as Firefox and Chrome.
  • Easy scalability: This allows learners to train in locations where VR glasses cannot be provided. This makes distribution to learners even easier.


3spin Learning Webapp: A New Way Of Learning

  1. Users simply log in to the WMS via the web browser of their choice.
  2. Via the course selection, you can open any course in the browser that is based on 360-degree content or GLB 3D models by clicking on the arrow.
  3. The course view opens directly in the browser.
  4. The controls necessary for operating the web app are explained in the menu on the right. 
If necessary, you can maximize the full-screen display window at any time.

Webapp's Role

Our Web Management System provides an interactive and flexible learning environment that adapts to the individual needs of the learners. 

The learning platform is easily accessible to everyone from anywhere, because no installation or further hardware is necessary in the first step. 

This makes our Webapp a powerful tool for educational institutions and companies that opens up new dimensions in eLearning.

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Would You Like to Try Out Our Webapp?

Then we strongly advise you to try our free trial version.

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