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Customized 3D Characters with AI Dialogues for Improved Learning

3D avatar with AI feature

Introducing our latest feature update: User-defined 3D characters with AI dialogues. With this innovative extension to our platform, you can now create realistic avatars in no time at all and integrate them directly into your learning units. This significantly boosts your learners' interaction to the learning material and enables users to have personalized learning experiences.

As a learning author, you know how to create engaging training content. With our advanced features, you can now easily integrate lifelike 3D characters into your content. This increases learner motivation and ensures personalized interactions.

This means you no longer have to painstakingly design characters from scratch or settle for generic avatars. With our customized 3D characters, you can bring your educational content to life and make them seem more vivid than ever before. We'll show you how in this article.


Customized 3D Characters

As part of our ongoing user experience development, we now provide customizable 3D characters for training scenes from Ready Player Me that fit perfectly into any learning session.

You can customize the appearance, clothing, and size of the Ready Player Me avatars to suit your individual needs.

The avatars can also be placed sitting or standing in your training, depending on your use case. You can also breathe life into the avatars to make the interaction with the characters even more realistic.

Until now, soft skills training could not be trained at all or only in predefined structures. Yet this training is essential for many industries and professions. We humans communicate and perceive many things non-verbally.

Character Knowledges and Prompts

As already mentioned, soft skills training was previously difficult to practice. In most cases, these skills could only be practiced in face-to-face role plays and with decision-making tools. This meant that it was not possible to personalize the learning experience. 

Thanks to our extended Character Knowledges and Prompts feature, users now have a large selection of characters that they can design themselves via Ready Player Me and use as often as they like. This allows you to equip your 3D characters and the Helper Companion with specific knowledge and enrich their conversational skills.

As a result, dynamic conversations can now be held without having to be scripted in advance by the learning authors. Learners can ask questions and the respective 3D character always responds differently.

This ensures accurate and relevant communication with learners and increases the effectiveness of your training content. The result is unique and customized VR learning scenarios tailored to your needs.

Cutsomized Dialogues Thanks to AI

We optimized the dialogues between avatars and learners by using Artificial Intelligence. Now learning authors can choose from different speaker voices with different English speaking styles and emotions, such as cheerful or angry, and much more. For example, learning authors can define whether users will be in a friendly or irritated environment during negotiation discussions. Users can thus respond specifically to the respective situation.

This makes the individual development of the learning process even more personalized. Whether you prefer a formal tone or a more relaxed approach, our voice profiles can be tailored to your specific needs.

Customized Dialogues with ChatGPT Integration

The best part? Thanks to a ChatGPT connection, users can have individualized conversations. This is revolutionary and unprecedented. Authors don't have to spend hours thinking about conversations. You simply brief your avatars with background knowledge about a person and off you go. 

Compared with previous training courses, this not only saves an enormous amount of time, but also allows for much more personalized VR training, as the avatars now respond individually to the skill level of the learners.

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Straightforward Creation in No Time

Here we show you how easy it is to create these AI dialogues in our platform:

1. Select Environment from Template Library

An environment in which the training will take place must be selected in the editor.

3D characters with AI feature

2. Add Overlay

In order to explain the VR training course's function and process to the learner, a so-called Overlay must be added in the backend. This is simply added using Add Object.

3D characters with AI feature

3. Define the Topic of Conversation

The learning author then defines the situation in the conversation and shows AI-specific instructions for action.

3D characters with AI feature

4. Create the 3D Character

Add Object adds a new asset – in this case, a 3D character. To do this, learning authors click on the preview image (+) and access the Ready Player Me integration, where the character can be created and customized and then inserted directly into the scenario.

3D characters with AI dialogue

5. KI-Wissen hinzufügenAdd AI Knowledge

Using the AI feature in the toolbar, learning authors can add the AI knowledge of the avatar. The language, tone of voice, and speaking style can be customized here and specific instructions and situations can be defined using the Character Knowledge feature. 

You add character knowledge by, for example, providing your avatar, which is to represent a salesperson or employee in your training scenario, with background knowledge about their person. For example: "You are XY, you have the following problem/challenge etc."

3D characters with AI dialogue


3spin Learning for Exceptional Learning Outcomes

At 3spin Learning, our mission is to provide innovative solutions that help organizations deliver exceptional learning outcomes.

With our new features for custom 3D characters with AI dialogues, you can boost your VR and AR training to the next level and create engaging, immersive learning environments that captivate and excite learners.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and features from 3spin Learning to further push the boundaries of online learning. Together we are revolutionizing the way the world learns.

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