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Virtual Reality and AI Startup 3spin Learning Receives Growth Financing from TÜV NORD GROUP

3spin Learning - Virtual Lab Learning

Hamburg/Darmstadt, January 2024

3spin Learning, a leading provider of software for creating immersive learning experiences using virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI), receives growth financing from TÜV NORD GROUP. With its People & Empowerment business unit, TÜV NORD GROUP is one of the largest training providers in Germany. The investment will enable 3spin Learning to continue its successful growth trajectory and add further functions to its software, particularly in the field of artificial intelligence. Together with 3spin Learning, TÜV NORD GROUP will continue to drive forward the digitalization of its training services and establish a cross-thematic center of Excellence VR and AR technologies (augmented reality) within TÜV NORD GROUP.

Learning by Doing: Communicating Complex Topics Digitally with XR Technology

This investment focuses on "immersive learning" using extended reality (XR). This area acts as an umbrella term for VR and AR, which makes complex topics tangible for learners by immersing them in digital worlds. In the current world of work, learning through practical experience is often limited, although it is considered the most effective learning method. Physical learning locations are not always accessible, expert availability is limited, and some learning activities harbor high risks. For the first time, XR offers the opportunity to digitize practical learning, making it fast, repeatable, and globally accessible.

Many companies are experimenting with prototypes in this area and experiencing great learning success, but face challenges in terms of scalability due to high costs and technical hurdles. This is where 3spin Learning's solution kicks in: So-called "no-code" creation enables HR or design staff to create learning experiences or have them created without programming knowledge and distribute them to learners worldwide with just a few clicks - at a fraction of the traditional cost.

Immersive learning can be used in areas such as occupational safety and quality assurance. Companies such as Pfizer, Lufthansa, and E.ON are already using 3spin Learning's technology to train employees. The most recent addition of artificial intelligence to the solution means that, in addition to learning manual tasks, the focus is also on soft skills - in realistic dialogues with virtual 3D characters, for example, employees learn how to sell products or interact socially with customers or their team.

Partnership: Technology and Industry Expertise for the Future of Digital Learning

With the combined industry knowledge of TÜV NORD GROUP and the technological expertise of 3spin Learning, the two companies aim to become the world's leading provider of fully digital learning. Thomas Hoger and Oliver Göck, the joint founders of 3spin Learning, emphasize that the aim of 3spin Learning is "to convey valuable content in the form of experiences to as many people as possible. With our technology and TÜV NORD GROUP as a content expert at our side, we are setting a new standard for the learning of the future."

Axel Dreckschmidt, CEO of the TÜV NORD GROUP Business Unit People & Empowerment, is thrilled: "We are sending a strong signal for the opportunities of XR in the training landscape. We empower people - not only with people but also with new technologies. With the 3spin Learning platform, we will be able to realize innovative learning experiences in concrete terms." Dr Astrid Petersen, Chief Human Resources Officer at TÜV NORD GROUP, adds: "Now more than ever, we are committed to equipping employees with outstanding training and development programs to meet the challenges of the future. Experience-orientated learning is a forward-looking tool for this."

TÜV NORD GROUP Establishes "XR Hub" as a Virtual Centre of Excellence

TÜV NORD GROUP's strategic focus for the new core topic of "XR" extends beyond immersive learning to additional areas of application in industry, transport, and healthcare. The internal expertise and active involvement of the 3spin Learning founders will enable the development and establishment of an "XR Hub" as a virtual competence center for VR and AR technologies. The 3spin Learning founders and the TÜV NORD GROUP Business Unit People & Empowerment will jointly manage and execute the strategy. With this collaboration, TÜV NORD GROUP is taking a decisive step into the digital future.

Press Contact:

Thomas Hoger | Co Founder and CEO | tuev-nord@3spin.com

For further information or interview requests, please do not hesitate to contact us: +49-6151-870101-82

Further information (in German): tuev-nord.de

Visit our website at 3spin-learning.com for more insights into our AR/VR learning solutions.

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