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The New Apple Vision Pro: The Leap into the Future of Spatial Computing

Apple Vision Pro

The wait is over: Apple's Vision Pro is finally here, marking an important milestone in the world of technology and innovation. We at 3spin Learning are proud to be part of this groundbreaking development.

Rumors about Apple developing its first VR glasses have been doing the rounds for years, and anticipation peaked after Tim Cook's promising announcement at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). However, Apple prefers to refer to its latest creation as Spatial Computing, or three-dimensional computing, emphasizing its unique approach to the immersive experience.

In the words of Vanity Fair writer Nick Bilton, the Vision Pro is "as far removed from a VR headset as a child's Schwinn bicycle is from a Gulfstream G800 private jet."

In this article, we look at the pros and cons of Apple Vision Pro and explain how the device will revolutionize the way we interact with the digital world and what impact it could have on the Learning and Development (L&D) sector.


Exclusive Support for You

We are pleased to offer early adopter L&D customers our 3spin Learning App exclusively as a beta version for the Vision Pro.


Benefits of the Apple Vision Pro

Enabling an immersive learning experience, Vision Pro can seamlessly overlay reality with digital content. This proves to be particularly beneficial in areas where practical training and simulations are important.

Spatial Computing Redefined

In contrast to conventional VR headsets, Apple refers to its Vision Pro as Spatial Computing, emphasizing its unique approach. This change in terminology speaks volumes about Apple's "vision" and takes the immersive experience to a whole new level. The result is an unrivaled sense of immersion and interaction that goes far beyond what we've seen in VR or AR before.

Intuitive Controls

One of the outstanding features of the Apple Vision Pro is the intuitive control system. Users navigate through the digital world with their gaze and finger movements. This creates an immersive yet incredibly user-friendly experience for learners of all ages. The barriers to entry are reduced and a wider audience gains access to digital and virtual educational content.

Bilton aptly compares the feeling of using Apple Vision Pro to the legendary events when Apple introduced the scroll wheel on the first iPod or zooming in and out on the first iPhone.

High-quality Presentation

The headset not only promises an immersive experience, but also ensures impressive visual quality. The high-quality presentation of the mixed world, in which the real world is overlaid with digital content, sets new standards for the possibilities of Spatial Computing and makes complex concepts understandable and appealing.

Spatial Computing

"Mixed Reality" or Augmented Reality is what Apple understands by Spatial Computing, namely using a computer in real three-dimensional space. Until now, this was hardly possible, as AR headsets were hardly available and VR headsets, on the other hand, did not allow for such high-quality AR as with the Vision Pro.

Apple's vision is that users will be able to perform normal work tasks in 3D space for several hours in the medium term, including the use of programs such as Photoshop, Word, Outlook, etc. In contrast, previous VR devices tend to focus on short-term use of games or learning units, for example.

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The Disadvantages of Apple Vision Pro

Limited Availability

As of now, the Apple Vision Pro is only available in the US market. This limited availability restricts its global reach, so enthusiasts from other regions of the world will have to wait to take advantage of this cutting-edge technology.

Limited Initial Production

Rumour has it that only around 80,000 Vision Pro devices were initially produced and sold out within minutes. The complex production process is likely to limit production volumes at the moment, leaving many potential buyers empty-handed.

High Costs

The Apple Vision Pro comes with a hefty price tag of around 3,500 US dollars per headset. This may be justifiable for professionals and certain target groups, but can be an obstacle for less experienced users who are fascinated by the technology but are hesitant due to the cost.

Early Access thanks to 3spin Learning

Thanks to our collaboration with Apple, we were able to test the Apple Vision Pro extensively early on in the development phase. The real differentiator is not just the exterior design and technical specifications of the headset, but the unrivalled user experience. The Vision Pro perfectly combines the real world with digital overlays, and the intuitive control with gaze and finger movements fundamentally changes the world.

Early adopters in the L&D sector can now discover this new possibility with exclusive access to the 3spin Learning App in beta version, which was developed especially for Vision Pro.

Perfect Foundation for L&D

Apple's Vision Pro opens up exciting opportunities for the learning and development community. Apple's focus on Spatial Computing fits perfectly with the goals of teaching, education, and training and could lead to the development of unique educational applications and experiences.

Mixed Reality allows the real and virtual worlds in particular to merge and be combined seamlessly. This means, for example, that the glasses can be used in the classroom and learners can still see each other "in real life", but can practice on the same virtual learning object -- a real team experience for learning together.

Early adopters in L&D can and should capitalize on these opportunities and introduce innovative training methods.

However, the cost factor should not be overlooked. The Vision Pro comes with a premium price tag. This can be a problem for some organizations, educational institutions, or learners with a tight budget. We can work with you to develop use cases and assess whether it is worth using. Depending on the use case, the price of the Vision Pro can also be favorable.

The Bottom Line

The Apple Vision Pro marks a huge leap into the future of three-dimensional computing. The new era of Spatial Computing makes it clear that Apple's vision goes beyond the development of conventional VR glasses.

It's about redefining the way we interact with the digital world. The Apple Vision Pro is just the beginning of a promising journey that we look forward to.


Exclusive Support

We are pleased to offer early adopter L&D customers our 3spin Learning App exclusively as a beta version for the Vision Pro.

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