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VR Training Launch Area

How to get your VR training off to the right start: a key to success in Virtual Reality training.

A VR starting area is more than just an entry point in the 3spin Learning software. It is the first thing learners see and therefore significantly influences their engagement and perception of the training.

With a professional design, clear brand communication and the use of visual elements, you can improve the learning experience of your participants and increase the success of your Virtual Reality training.

VR Starting Area: A Key to Success in Virtual Reality Training

The starting area in a Virtual Reality training environment is comparable to the entrance hall of a first-class hotel. It provides a reception for participants and gives them a first impression of the quality of the training.

Here are some important reasons why this lobby is crucial:

  • Professional Appeal: A well-designed lobby gives the impression of professionalism and commitment on the part of the VR training provider. It shows that the training has been carefully planned and designed.
  • Orientation: The VR lobby is a central location from which participants navigate to different trainings. This facilitates orientation and prevents confusion.
  • Motivation: A well-designed VR entrance area can increase the motivation of the participants. For example, it can display successes or rewards in image form that learners can achieve during the course of the training.
  • Effective communication: In the VR start area, important information, instructions, or news can be placed in an easily visible way via graphics. This ensures effective communication between trainers and participants.


By adding your client's logo to the lobby, you can strengthen your brand identity and build a strong bond with your company. Now it's as easy as pie:

  1. To do this, authors simply add the company logo and another image in the team settings in the WMS. It is very important that no new team is created.
  2. The logo is automatically scaled to fit the available space in the start area.
  3. Then the authors log in to your instance with your VR glasses.
  4. The logo is automatically inserted and is available for you in your VR training launch area.


VR Training Launch Area
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